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Calendar 2016

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Personalized Calendar 2016

The ePanchang calendar based on drik ganita siddhanta gives day to day thithi, nakshatra, yogam, rahukalam, yamagandam, abhijit muhurtha, hora, lagna, daily planetary transits. The ePanchang calendar is available for different places in the world, calculated and corrected to sunrise, sunset timings, on the respective latitude and longitude locations. Auspicious muhurthams for house warming (Grihapravesam), upanayanam, wedding, aksharabhyasam, seemantham etc., are indicated in ePanchang.com, updated daily with the astrological almanac.

Good dates given are personalized for your date of birth only. Tithi, days of the week, star, yogam etc...with thara palan and chandra palan favourable to your birth star and rasi are only chosen.After avoidng asuba hora, rahukalam, yamakandam ,the time governed by benefic planets are shown.

calendar 2016


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