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June Month Rasi Palan
Rasi NameRasi Palan

Sun will be transiting on your 2nd and 3rd house in favourable position in this month.
Mercury on 3rd house and 4th house give normal results.
Venus on your 2nd house will bring good news.
Mars on 3rd house till June 23 will give you good fortunes.
Saturn Retro on 9th house is good.
Jupiter retrograde on 8th house and Venus on 2nd house will improve financial situation.
You need to use this time to settle and safe your investments.


Sun transiting on 1st house and 2nd house will not give favourable results.
Venus transit on your Rasi is good.
Mars moving to your 3rd house bring good fortunes.
Mercury will yield good and bad results.
Saturn retrograde on 8th house is good.
Jupiter aspecting your Rasi will give positive results.
You will see growth and success.


Sun will transit on 12th house and 1st house indicating unfavourable position.
As Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde, the problems will be less.
Mercury and Venus are not well for you.
Rahu and Mars conjunction on your Rasi create physical problem and will increase your tension.
As Venus is transiting in 12th house give restless sleep.
Your existing problems will not end.
You will get some relief from Jun 23.


Sun transiting on 11th and 12th house will give good news this month.
Mars and Rahu conjunction on 12th house may create fear. Sun and Mercury conjunction on 12th house will drain out your energy levels.
Saturn Retro and Ketu on 6th house will give positive results.
No benefits from Jupiter on 5th house.
Things may not go as planned. But time is excellent in mean time.


Sun transit on 10th house and 11th house indicating favourable positions.
Saturn Retro on 5th house will provide good relief.
Venus and Mercury will give good bad results. Rahu and Mars conjunction on 11th house will positive results.
Jupiter on 4th house retro is also good.
You may expect good changes on health and career.
You will get relief on family problems.


Sun transiting your 9th and 10th house favourable position after June 15. Mars and Rahu conjunction on 10th house may create tension.
Mercury and Venus will reduce the problems.
Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde, may expect positive changes.
You will do better when Mars moving on 11th house.
You may expect growth based on strength of your natal chart.


Sun on 8th and 9th house is unfavourable position.
Venus on 8th house will give good results.
Mars and Rahu conjunction on 9th house will create temporary disappointments.
Saturn and Jupiter will affect your progress.
Ketu on 3rd house will give good relief through friends.
The planets making conjunction on 9th house will affect your success for short period.
You will see the growth and after 6 weeks.


Sun transiting in your 7th house and 8th house is an unfavourable position. Venus on 7th house and Jupiter on Rasi affect the health.
Saturn Retrograde on 2nd house improve financial status.
Sun, Rahu and Mars conjuncted on 8th house will create adverse results.
You have unexpected bad results this week.
Things may not go well as planned.
You need to analyse your natal chart for important decisions.
You have good fortunes only last of this year.


Sun transiting your 6th house and 7th house is in favourable position. Mars and Rahu conjunction will affect your health.
Ketu on Kalathira Sthana is not good.
Also Mercury and Venus are not well placed.
As Saturn and Jupiter Retro will provide to some relief, and other planets in miserable state.
You may face more challenges in health and relationship.


Sun transiting on 5th house and 6th house give good results.
Saturn on 12th house in retrograde reduce malefic effects of Saturn. Mars and Rahu conjuncted on 6th house will give fortunes until June.
Venus on Poorva punya sthanam will make you happy.
Ketu on 12th house will help you.
Jupiter retrograde will not create problems. This is a good month for you.
You will make progress on your life.


Sun transiting on 4th and 5th house will not give good moments.
Venus on 4th house is good.
You will get good and bad results by Mercury. Mars and Rahu conjuncted on 5th house is not good.
But Mars on your 6th house will bring good fortunes.
Saturn retro and Jupiter Retro will be neutral.
As 5th house is getting afflicted, you will get confused.
Your time is excellent but think twice before doing something.
You will make good progress from June last.


Sun transiting on 3rd and 4th house will give good newses.
Venus on 3rd house is excellent.
Mercury will give good and bad results.
Mars and Rahu conjuncted on 4th house will give rise to problems. Your health will get affected too.
Jupiter on your 9th house for the next couple of month is good, but have challenges this month as Jupiter is retrograde.
You may have to wait for few weeks to take important decisions and conduct functions.

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