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Find out auspicious days/time for Marriage . We Calculate auspicious days/time based on your horoscope and current location

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Best muhurtham for marriage

The best muhurtham for marriage is the most important time that needs to be considered, even more than other activities related to the marriage. A bad selection of muhurtham time may mean lifelong suffering.

Some people are generally confused and in a fix in deciding the dates for marriage, since the requirement is to fix muhurtham for marriage and they do not know how. This is especially true if there aren't elders to guide them. Even though marriage matching is done by jathaga porutham, comparing all 10 poruthams for marriage, the time of marriage has a most important place in the success and longevity of the marriage. It is here that the tamil panchangam helps one identify the best muhurtham for marriage.

ePanchang gives you online muhurtham for marriage, the best muhurthams for the month through the year for you and the bride to be. Just entering your and your bride's birth details, you get to know the best dates and times for your marriage; your best muhurtham for marriage.

Double your fortune by finding the lucky wedding dates

Marriage is the most auspicious and the oldest tradition which is being followed across the world in different communities. Customs and rituals may differentiate marriage of one community from the other but it is of great importance in every religion and for every community. All the religions put their best efforts to make the marriage last long; hence they avoid doing such things which are not auspicious for the wedding. Right from finding the Auspicious wedding dates to performing the rites and rituals, everything is done according to the customs.

Significance of getting married on the auspicious date

According to the Hindu astrology system, it is said that if you get married at the auspicious wedding dates then all the worries and problems from your wedding life can be avoided. In case you get married on the dates other than the auspicious wedding dates or without consultation of the astrologer, then the couples are likely to face different problems in their wedding life. They may get into the financial troubles, threat to life, health problems, misunderstanding, incompatibility and many more problems in the relationship. Thus, to avoid the curse of destiny of the couple, elders of the families of boy and girl consult to their astrologer to find the right auspicious date for their marriage.

Best Wedding day in Hindus culture

According to the Vedic culture, Akshaya Tritiya is considered as the most prominent day to get married if you have not taken the auspicious wedding dates. The best time to get married is after the sun set as it marks the good time for the beginning of the longer relationship between the couples.

Inauspicious time for wedding

Some Nakshatra or stars are not good for the marriage dates so one should avoid getting married on such dates.

Karana like Bava, Kinstughna, Balava, Garaja, Kaulava, Taitila, Vanija are considered auspicious for wedding but the remaining four Karana are prohibited for marriage Shakuni, Vishti, Nagava, Chatushpada, as the marriage help in these Karanas will end with the death of husband and wife or will destroy the relationship completely.

Some couples prefer for court marriage due to objections from their families or want to get married on Birthdays and other days without finding the lucky wedding dates in such marriages, there are likely to occur many problems due to the inauspiciousness of the wedding dates. Hence, it is suggested to avoid wedding without finding the lucky wedding dates.

Finding the lucky wedding dates

To find the auspicious wedding dates, Kundali Match is done commonly. The position of the stars in the Kundali and date of birth of the boy and girl are compared to find the best suitable dates for their marriage.

Groom’s astrological position with relation to moon and the Bride’s astrological position with relation to Sun are determined to find out the lucky dates for their wedding.

There are some software which are designed by the professional astrologers, hence, it can also be used to find the lucky wedding dates.

Best Muhurtham for Marriage

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