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Gowri Panchangam for ()

Day Gowri Panchangam
NameFrom (hrs)To (hrs)
Laabam06:00:58 07:29:51
Dhanam07:29:51 08:58:44
Sugam08:58:44 10:27:36
Soram10:27:36 11:56:29
Visham11:56:29 13:25:22
Uthi13:25:22 14:54:14
Amutham14:54:14 16:23:07
Rogam16:23:07 17:52:00
Night Gowri Panchangam
NameFrom (hrs)To (hrs)
Uthi17:52:00 19:22:59
Amutham19:22:59 20:53:59
Rogam20:53:59 22:25:00
Laabam22:25:00 23:56:00
Dhanam23:56:00 25:26:59
Sugam25:26:59 26:57:59
Soram26:57:59 28:29:00
Visham28:29:00 30:00:00
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Gowri Panchangam or Gowri time is a period of one and half hours, equally distributed throughout the day and night time, 8 gowri time for the day and 8 gowri time for the night. Each of these periods are given a name and have a positive or negative impact on activities that are undertaken at that time. The placement of the Gowri Panchangam periods will differ based on the day of the week and also based on whether it is day or night. Dhana Gowri, Laba Gowri, Amrutha Gowri, Subha Gowri, Uthama Gowri are the auspicious times in the Gowri Panchangam. Other Gowri times are to be avoided. Gowri Panchangam, Gowri panchang, Gowri Nalla Neram is used as a reference to find out favourable time of the day for starting any new activity; this information is available online at epanchang.com

Today Panchangam

Tithi : Chaturdasi -29.09.2020,22:35 to 1.10.2020,00:28, Followed,By, Pournami
Nakshatra : Pooratathi -30.09.2020,00:49 to 1.10.2020,03:16, Followed,By, Uthirattathi

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Grihapravesam,Education Business,travel,health,asset.

Gowri Panchangam

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