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About Personalized Panchangam

You may wonder what is personalized panchangam. It is your own instant panchangam, indicating your auspicious date and time, exclusively for you, based on your personal birth details, such as place, date and time of birth. It is different from the usual panchangam you get in esoteric book stores. Auspicious date and time that are unique to you is provided under various categories, six categories to be precise, for various occasions.

Data that is common for both online panchangam and personalized panchangam are the sunrise and sunset times, rahu kalam, yama gandam, gulikai kalam that are directly related to the sunrise and sunset. The good and bad dates and times are calculated based on the planetary positions of the day and their relationship to your personal horoscope, providing auspicious date and time, unique to you.

Your unique auspicious date and time, for different categories such as Generic, Business, Health, Travel, Asset and Auspicious comes to you courtesy of marriagecolours.com, the #1 marriage event consultant in Chennai.

Auspicious date and time

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