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கௌரி பஞ்சாங்கம்()

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பகல் கௌரி பஞ்சாங்கம்
பெயர்From (hrs)To (hrs)
ரோகம்05:53:00 07:27:52
லாபம்07:27:52 09:02:44
தனம்09:02:44 10:37:37
சுகம்10:37:37 12:12:30
சோரம்12:12:30 13:47:22
உத்தி13:47:22 15:22:15
விஷம்15:22:15 16:57:07
அமுதம்16:57:07 18:32:00
இரவு கௌரி பஞ்சாங்கம்
பெயர்From (hrs)To (hrs)
ரோகம்18:32:00 19:57:07
லாபம்19:57:07 21:22:15
விஷம்21:22:15 22:47:22
தனம்22:47:22 24:12:29
சுகம்24:12:29 25:37:37
சோரம்25:37:37 27:02:45
உத்தி27:02:45 28:27:52
அமிர்த28:27:52 29:52:59

Gowri Panjangam

Gowri Panjangam is a table containing 16 periods of approximately 1 1/2 hours, everyday. Or, one day is split into 16 muhurthams according to Gowri Panjangam. Each muhurtham is of 90 minutes or one and half hours duration. Of the 16 hours, the first 8 hour period refers to the day Gowri and the latter half refers to the night Gowri.

In any day there are favourable times and unfavourable times. When we are able to identify the times that are favourable we could schedule important activities during those times and be successful in our ventures. At the same time, since we will also know the unfavourable times too, we will be extra careful not to schedule important work during those times.

The first muhurtham begins with the rise of the Sun. And the muhurtham details change for every day of the week.

The Gowri panjangam period chunks are each given a name and each of these times have a quality that affects actions that take place in them. Activities that are undertaken during bad gowri time are believed to create hindrances for the individual and the activity.

The Daily Gowri panjangam time generally starts with sunrise and ends with sunset. The night Gowri Panjangam starts at sunset and continues till sunrise the next day.

There are certain specially named Gowri panjangam periods that are considered auspicious. The auspicious Gowri Panjangam periods are Dhanam, Labam, Amritham, Sukham and Uthyogam. The periods Rogam, Visham and Soram are not that good.

If the muhurtham says Labham, it means that this muhurtham is ideal for all auspicious functions and events, important activities, both personal and professional. They are deemed to produce good results.

Amirtham in the Gowri Panjangam means that it is good for auspicious activities; the results will be favourable and will produce good news.

Sukham in Gowri Panjangam means it is good for auspicious activities and for important events. Important activities will produce favourable results. Medicines have a good effect when taken during this time and sick people get well soon if they take medicines during this time.

Dhanam in Gowri means that business and trade done during this time are bound to producing good results.

Udhyogam in the Gowri Panjangam it is good for people in service. Any action related to their work will produce favourable results. Attempts like seeking a promotion, asking for a raise are examples.

Visham is an inauspicious muhurtham. Any activity begun on this time will result in failure and unnecessary problems and enmity will be created.

Soram is another inauspicious muhurtham which again is unsuitable for any new activity. The activity may be hindered and there is a possibility of damage and theft of property and money.

Rogam is another time in the Gowri Panjangam, unsuitable for any productive or auspicious activity. Medicines consumed by patients during this time will not have any effect. Additionally, the disease may increase and there will be delay in healing.

Today Panchangam

Tithi : Pournami -16.07.2019,02:24 to 17.07.2019,03:35, Followed,By, Prathamai
Nakshatra : Pooradam -15.07.2019,18:57 to 16.07.2019,20:38, Followed,By, Uthiraadam

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Grihapravesam,Education Business,travel,health,asset.

Gowri Panjangam

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Services offered by ePanchang.com are for informational and entertainment purposes only. ePanchang is not liable for any damages from using data provided herein. (C) Copyright Caladium Systems Pvt Limited. All rights reserved.

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