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Kalyana Porutham

Jathaka porutham is an important activity in the run up for the marriage. It is in fact one of the most important element for a successful marriage. Kalyana porutham as it is called, considers various aspects of the personality of the individuals that are involved, the bride, the groom and their immediate family.

The Kalyana porutham process involves checking the mutual compatibility or 10 poruthams, some of which are considered more important and others are deemed less important. The poruthams that are considered are Dinam, Ganam, Mahendram, Stree deergham, Nadi, Rasi, Rasi Athipathi, Vasiya, Yoni and Varna Porutham.

Some of these poruthams are described below.

Dina Porutham is also called Nakshatra porutham. This porutham pertains to the boy's and the girl's life and health and day to day mental and physical well-being after kalyanam.

Gana porutham pertains to the character of the individual. Based on the three Ganas, matching certain Ganas may be incompatible because of the conflicting nature of the individuals.

Mahendra porutham pertains to the couples begetting offspring out of the marriage. This is a very important kalyana porutham.

Unless stree deergham porutham is present, the marriage will not result in accumulating wealth for the family.

Yoni porutham is the porutham that is important from the perspective of conjugal bliss after marriage. Yoni porutham is also considered important for kalyana porutham in marriage.

Rasi porutham is important for the succession of the family in the next generations.

Rasi athipathi porutham indicates if the family will live in comfort and happiness.

Vasiya porutham makes sure that the mutual attraction between the husband and wife is present so there is policy of give and take in day to day life and ensures the absence of unwanted friction between the couple.

If Rajju porutham is present, it ensures a long life for the husband.

Vedhai porutham defines the happiness quotient in the life of the married couple. If this porutham is good, then life will be a smooth sailing journey.

These days, varna porutham and nadi porutham are not considered very important for Kalyana porutham.

Kalyana Porutham

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