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What is Panjangam?

Panjangam is in other words, the astrological almanac, which is based on the positions of the planets that are in constant movement above us. Panjangam gives us data based on the five aspects of panjangam called the Vaaram or day of week, Tithi, Nakshatram or star, Yogam, Karanam. Panjangam is essentially prepared to tell us good dates and time. But, generally speaking, you need someone who is familiar with astrology to interpret the panjangam and tell you if a date and time is good for you or not. With this panjangam page which you are reading now, any prior knowledge of astrology or panjangam is not required. What you see on your page is a calendar with different coloured dates. The good dates are coloured green and yellow. There is another table on the side which tells you good and okay times of the day. Just follow them daily and find your bad times go away. See, timing is everything. The result of any activity that you do is dependent on the time you begin it. That is the basis for the panjangam. There are times you need to avoid at any cost for any activity and there are times you need to avoid for a certain activity. Some days are good for your friend, but those days may not be favourable to you. Every human is created differently. Hence, the fate of every one is different. The birth place, time of birth and date of birth are the three variables that define the planets that define your life, define the panjangam for your day. Whether you believe in astrology or not, is also defined by your horoscope. One look at the horoscope is enough to tell if a person has belief in astrology or not. Consulting your Panjangam should be the first in your daily checklist. When you have a list of important things to do, you consult the panjangam to decide if a certain work can be done today, or should it be postponed to another day. So, you are going to do a certain work today and moving another work to another auspicious day, according to your panjangam. Note the word auspicious, that is the key. You go to a fight when you are surrounded by people who support you. Even in history, we have heard about small armies defeating larger armies; so, when time favours you in the panjangam, nothing can go against you.

This panjangam page is for your all time use and is a smart move to consult this page everyday before you begin your day. It is a gift that has been handed over to mankind by our Gurus who wanted help people succeed in life, not just in material terms, but also spiritually. If you wish for all your activities to be more successful than they are at the moment, it is time that you switched over to panjangam mode and begin right earnest. Definitely, there are some who will seek proof that this works. For those who do not believe in panjangam, all we ask is for them to follow it for a few months and then make your own decision. There is nothing wrong. If you find something useful, let us know and record it here. That will help others to benefit from panjangam. For ten non believers, there are a hundred believers. But, even if you believe in astrology and panjangam, we encourage you to record your usage. Keep a record of your activities in a time sheet, which you can consult after a few months to find out if there has been significant improvement in your success rates. That would reinforce your belief in panjangam. We believe strongly that experience is the best teacher. So, to know the truth in panjangam, test it yourself.

You must have heard about muhurtham. Muhurtham in common usage denotes subha muhurtham, but it refers to an astrological time slot, which may be good or not so. Your panjangam tells you these muhurthams. Your "My panjangam" also tells you in expansive detail, all the different times, such as rahu kalam, gulika kalam, yamagandam, abhijit nakshatram and so on. Abhijit is supposed to be a good muhurtham for any activity. On thursday Abhijit is not used because it comes under rahu kalam on that day. According to ancient hindu astrology, doing the right things at the right time, gets you the maximum results.

Panjangam here is your constant astrologer, we like to use this term, which you can carry around in your pocket. Yes, there is an Android version of ePanchang at the playstore. You may install it on your mobile and refer to it everyday, frequently and benefit from using it. The main reason for you to use the panjangam with us is that you save time, effort and money. just imagine a visit to the astrologer; starting early, getting caught in the traffic, pay him a heft dakshina [give him as much dakshina, we are not against it; a good astrologer deserves much] and returning home; one full day gone.

Did you know that the panjangam offered here has something called your own panjangam. You would have heard about panjangam for a city or town. But, you would not have heard about the panjangam for an individual. Yes, we have that trump card for you. Just feed in your birth details and a unique personal panjangam is ready in an instant. You can consult the personal panjangam in 6 different categories like health, travel, business, asset and so on. You can consult the panjangam to know answers about anything.

What is the best date for engagement?

Not just the best date for engagement, but also answers to many other questions for which you want answers for. What is the good date for griha pravesh? What is good date for buying car? What is good date for delivery? What is good date for property registration? What is good date for marriage? are questions to which you can find the answers in the panjangam here.

What you have to do is login in the panjangam page; you will be taken to your personal page to get answers for your what is the good time queries. The different type of categories are business, health, travel, asset, auspicious and general. The moment you login with place, time and date of birth, panjangam will show you good times in all categories. If, for example, you want to find out the best time for your child's vidyarambham, a cursory look at the panjangam will instantly provide you the shortlist. That's called FREE Power. There is so much you can achieve with the help of panjangam.

What is more, your panjangam is capable of telling you common good dates for two people or more. If you want a wedding date, you need to know the birth details of both the boy and the girl. Here, in the panjangam, you just need to fill in the additional member and voila, your common good dates are there instantly. It can never get easier than this.

When is the good date for property registration?

Property is for some, once in a lifetime event. So, a good date for property registration is a must. And who else to consult but your friendly pocket panjangam. Just ensure that you include all those involved and get common good dates, if more than one person is involved in the registration.

We forgot to tell one important thing. All ePanchang panjangam services are provided for no cost at all. We encourage you to use the panjangam page and all other services such as horoscope, matching and others and benefit from it. If you like us, do us a favour. Spread the word.


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