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Rahukalam Timings Today

It is generally believed that performing important activities that need attention are better avoided during the rahu kalam timings of the day.

Rahu kalam is the period today and every other day when Rahu rules for one and half hours. This happens every day of the week. The ruling timings changes every day, based on the day of the week and the time of sunrise and sunset.

Any important activity is avoided during Rahu kalam, especially activities such as prayer, purchase of gold, purchase of silk dresses, talking about marriage or talking about purchasing a new house, purchase of property, beginning a new venture. It is believed that any activity that is begun on Rahu kalam will not prosper and propagate.

This is applicable for all. The only exceptions are those for whom Rahu dasa is running according to their horoscope. They can do all those activities mentioned during rahu kalam timings, which are banned for others.

It is to be noted that all other planets have been allotted a day of week. But Rahu and Ketu have not been given one full day. Instead, they rule one and half hours everyday throughout the week.

Rahukalam timings today

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