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Subha Muhurtham Dates 2017-18

27-10-2017FridaySapthami UthiraadamSiddhaMithunam
30-10-2017MondayDashmi SathayamSiddhaKatagam
09-11-2017ThursdaySashtiPunarpoosam AmruthaDhanusu
24-11-2017FridaySashtiUthiraadam SiddhaMithunam
30-11-2017ThursdayEkadasiRevathi SiddhaSimham
06-12-2017WednesdayTritiyai Punarpoosam SiddhaVrischigam
07-12-2017ThursdayChaturthi Poosam SiddhaDhanusu
13-12-2017WednesdayEkadasi Chithirai SiddhaMeenam
22-01-2018MondayPanchami UthirattathiSiddhaSimham
24-01-2018WednesdaySapthami AswiniSiddhaSiddha
24-01-2018WednesdaySapthami AswiniSiddhakanni
04-02-2018SundayChaturthiUthiram AmruthaKumbham
05-02-2018MondayPanchami Hastham Siddha Kumbham
11-02-2018SundayEkadasiMoolamSiddha Rishabam
19-02-2018MondayChaturthiUthirattathi Siddha Simham
25-02-2018SundayDashmi Mrigasheersham Siddha Vrischigam
08-03-2018ThursdaySapthamiAnushamSiddha Mesham
20-04-2018FridaySashtiMrigasheershamSiddha Vrischigam
25-04-2018WednesdayDashmi Magham Siddha Magaram
27-04-2018FridayDwadasiUthiramSiddha Kumbham
02-05-2018WednesdayDwitiyaiAnushamSiddha Mesham
25-05-2018FridayEkadasi Hastham Amrutha Kumbham
27-05-2018SundayTriyodashiSwaathiSiddha Meenam
15-07-2018SundayTritiyai Aayilyam SiddhaDhanusu
19-11-2018MondayEkadasiUthirattathi SiddhaSimham
25-11-2018SundayDwitiyaiMrigasheersham SiddhaVrischigam

Today Panchangam

Tithi : Dwadasi -25.05.2018,17:48 to 26.05.2018,17:41, Followed,By, Triyodashi
Nakshatra : Chithirai -25.05.2018,19:59 to 26.05.2018,20:37, Followed,By, Swaathi

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Muhurtham dates

We all have various occasions to celebrate among our families and friends, be it an engagement, marriage, house-warming, birthday or just a friendly get together. At these times, we are hard pressed to visit an astrologer, to find out the best possible date on which to conduct the occasion. How would it be if we could just find the best date for our event, all by ourselves.

That would be wonderful, indeed. But, I do not know much about Astrology. It is rather easy for those who have the habit of verifying the daily calendar or the daily panchangam.

We can find good days and times based on our birth details. Let us see how. Panchangam is a combination of Naal, Tithi, Nakshatram, Yogam and Karanam. Of these five limbs of panchangam, the first limb is naal or vaaram. For every day of week there are certain things one can do and some one cannot. For example, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are ideal for marriages, homams, pacification rites and such auspicious events.

If it is a Sunday and if the star of the day are one of Karthigai, Mrigaseersham, Makam, Visakam, it is advised that auspicious events are scheduled for that day. The tithis are 15 in number, Prathama, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Sashti, Sapthami, Ashtami, Navami, Dasami, Ekadasi, Dwadasi, Trayodasi, Chaturdasi, Pournami/Amavasai Except on Amavasai or Pournami, all the other 14 tithis result in good or bad results for endeavours undertaken on their day.

Tithi, What is it?

Tithis that are auspicious are Sunday Ashtami, Monday Navami, Tuesday Sashti, Wednesday Tritiya, Thursday Ekadasi, Friday Tryodasi, Saturday Chaturdasi Tithis that shall not be used for any auspicious activities: Sunday Chaturdasi, Monday Sashti, Tuesday Sapthami, Wednesday Dwitiya, Thursdat Ashtami, Friday Navami, Saturday sapthami. Using the above table, one can eliminate bad dates by just referring to the logic. Some tithis have two eyes on them. Activities begun on tithis with two eyes will be successful. The tithis are Ashtami, Navami, Dasami, Ekadasi, Dwadasi, Trayodasi during the waxing moon phase. The tithis with two eyes during the waning moon phase are Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Sashti and Saptami. One eyed tithis that are to avoided at all costs are Panchami, Sashti, Sapthami, Chaturdasi and Pournami, during the waxing moon phase. Prathama, Ashtami, Navami, Dasami are to be avoided during the waning moon phase.

Nakshatra, finding the right one

The nakshatra is another limb of the panchanga. Some naksatras are said to be good and bad generally. For example, it is better not to lend money on days of Thiruvadirai, Bharani, Karthigai, Aayilyam, Pooram, Pooradam, Poorattathi, Kettai, Visakam, Swati, Chithirai and Magam. These days are also not ideal for beginning travel. Similarly, a severely ill person may not start treatment on this day.


The yogams that are commonly known are Amirtha, Siddha and Marana yogam. These yogams are defined based on the stars or nakshatrams. Generally, Bharani, Punarpoosam, Pooram, Swati, Pooradam, Uthirattathi bode good on all days. The times to avoid are Rahukalam, Yamagandam. Kari naal is another day to avoid. About 10 percent of the whole year are Karinal. They can be avoided. Avoid Chandrashtama days.

Subha muhurtham days

There are certain basic rules that may be followed in selecting a Muhurtham. The marriage may not solemnised in a month with two Amavasai or two Pournami. Next, Chithirai, Vaikaasi, Aani, Aavani, Thai, Panguni are ideal for marriages. Avoid other months. Sukla paksha is the right time to conduct the marriage. Wednesday, thursday and friday are the ideal days for a marriage. The right lagnas to get the marriage done are Vrishaba, mithuna, kataka, simham, kanni, thulam, dhanu, meenam. Only use the tithis dwitiya, tritiya, panchami, sapthami, dasami, trayodasi for the marriage. The lagna of the muhurtham should have its 7th house empty on the date of the muhurtham.

Agni nakshatra, mrityu, panchagam and kasara yoga should be avoided. Finally, Guru and Sukran should not be placed in the 8th house of the lagna of the marriage time or the bride and grooms birth rasi.

It should not be chandrashtama for the bride and the groom. Janma nakshatra of the bride and groom and the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd nakhatra of the janma nakshatra should not be selected as the marriage date. The marriage should not be conducted on the date or day of the birth of the bride and groom.

Finally, seek the blessings of the Almighty and go ahead with confidence. You cannot do these manually at one go, or at least it takes time. So, just visit ePanchang.com to get your date finalized.

Muhurtham dates

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