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Frequently asked questions

The Online Panchangam is being offered by ePanchang.com for FREE, to benefit the general public. We all know the value of doing the right thing at the right time. A right thing, when it is done at the wrong time, does not provide favourable results. Online panchangam is a concept where you provide your birth details and get your own Online panchangam in Tamil. Here are a few common questions and answers for your benefit.

Is the online panchangam available for all locations?

Yes, the online panchangam is available for all locations in the World. If your place of birth is missing, just send us a feedback. We will add it in to the list.

What is Online panchangam?

The Tamil Online panchangam is where you get the daily panchangam elements instantly, for any place, for any date, for any time. You get to know the Rahu kalam, Yama gandam, Gulika Kalam, daily Abhijit muhurtham, the daily nalla neram and more.

When does the day start in my panchangam?

The day starts at sunrise every day. The Indian Panchangam tamil calendar begins the day at sunrise and the day extends till just before sunrise the next day. This is an important point to be noted for "my panchangam".

Why do rahukalam, yamagandam and other times vary between places?

Rahukalam, yamagandam and all other aspects of the panchangam, are dependent on the sunrise time of the place. All calculations begin from the time of sunrise. For example, when you want to know the horai time on the sunday, you just need to find out the sunrise time in your locality. Say, if the sunrise time is 05:45am, the first horai of the day will star at 5:45am and continue for the next one hour or so.

Pariharam for Naga dosham

Naga Prathista can be done at Rameswaram. Naga Prathista done at Rameswaram, using the right method provides positive results. The performing of Naga Prathista done at Rameswaram removes Naga Dosham which afflicts families for generations. After the prathishta at Rameswaram, you can perform Abishekam with holy Ganga water taken by you.

After performing Naga pratishta, you can visit the temple of Nagarkoil and perform the appropriate poojas to complete the process. Nagarkoil is located 320kms from Rameswaram.

Why Online panchangam?

Imagine an astrologer permanently staying beside you and offering advice about doing things at specified times, while advising you not to do certain things at certain times. This is what Online Panchangam is. It is a permanent advisor for you on the right times for you throughout your life. Online panchangam is your exclusive advisor on avoiding certain times for your activities. Note that doing the right thing at the wrong time, will not produce the desired results. ePanchang's online panchangam helps you do the right thing, at the right time, to produce the right results.

Do hora or horais have an effect on online panchangam?

The horas are hourly time slices, during which one of the nine planets are said to rule. Horai calculation is based on the sun rise time. Certain horas are good to conduct specific activities. Your online panchangam also considers friendly, neutral and inimical planets when recommending good times for you.

Is the online panchangam available for my city?

Generally, panchangams are all printed in IST. Anybody with an Indian panchangam may find it difficult to consult that panchangam for their city of residence, say in New York or Montreal or Cologne, where the time zons are different.

You will need to recalculate the sunrise and sunset times for these places to get your panchangam times right. But, with panchangam by ePanchang.com your panchangam for your desired city or town, in your own time zone and time, anywhere in the world, is possible, making this an instant ready reckoner for all times.

I have an Android smartphone. Do you have a online panchangam for Android?

Of course. The ePanchang application is available for Android smartphones. Follow this link here to begin installing the application for your Android.

Do you have Online Panchangam for iPhone?

We do. The ePanchang iPhone application for online panchangam is available here.

Online Panchangam

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