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Auspicious time for Aksharabhyasam

Aksharabhyasam is the moment of any child's life where he or she is initiated into the realm of knowledge, formally. It acquires importance due to the fact that this decisive moment decides the momentum of quest and thirst for knowledge in the children.

Auspicious time for aksharabhyasam is usually not considered when the parents decide to take the child to Mookambika temple at Kollur or other famous temples all over the country, such as the Panachikkad Dakshina Mookambika temple, Guruvayur and the local temples with Saraswati as one of the deities.

What is the auspicious muhurtham for akshrabhyasam? In the Hindu tradition the Aksharabhyasam or Vidyarambam is observed on Vijayadashami day mainly in Kerala and Karnataka, where children are formally introduced to knowledge formally; it could be the beginning of knowledge or an extension of knowledge such as music, dance and other art.

The main ceremony is the aksharabhyasam, which is done by the temple priest, by writing the holy Om or Harishree on the tongue of the child.

For the benefit of those doing Aksharabhyasam in a local temple, and who cannot make it to the popular temples for their child's Vidyarambam, ePanchang provides the most auspicious dates and times, the aksharabhyasam muhurtham for the beginning of their quest for knowledge.

You are looking for good dates for aksharabhyasam, epanchang is the place to look into; check out for aksharabhyasam dates in September 2018 here.

Aksharabhyasam dates

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