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Lagnam, What is it

Lagnam is the ascendant rising sign at the time of birth. It is the the element that characterizes the quality of the character of the individual, the physical, mental and emotional build, which will stay for life

In terms of marriage, it holds an important part, since the quality of the marriage is going to be based on the lagna. Because of the importance of the lagna, it has been prescribed that certain lagnams are very good for marriages

The lagnams that are ideally suited to get married are Vrishabam, Mithunam, Katakam, Simham, Kanni, Thulam, Dhanus and Meenam.

Similarly, the tithis Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Sapthami, Dasami and Trayodasi are recommended for marriage. Also to be noted that the lagna of the muhurtham should have its 7th house empty on the date of the muhurtham.

Guru and Sukran should not be placed in the 8th house of the lagna of the marriage time or the bride and grooms birth rasi.

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