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Pradosham Dates 2020

Pradosham Dates

Today Panchangam

Tithi : Dwitiyai -4.08.2020,21:55 to 5.08.2020,22:51, Followed,By, Tritiyai
Nakshatra : Avittam -4.08.2020,08:11 to 5.08.2020,09:30, Followed,By, Sathayam

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What is Pradosham?

"Praleeyanthe asvin thosha" is how it is described in Sanskrit. It literally means that it is the time that this is the time when all doshas are suppressed. We all do a lot of activities during the day. It is a mix of good and bad. This pradhosha time is when God blesses our good actions and forgives our unknown sins.

What is the time duration of Pradhosham?

Pradosham time, every day is between 4:30 and 6 in the evening. It is very special to take darshan of Shiva during this period. This is the Nitya pradhosham period.

What are the types of Pradosham?

There are other various pradhosham types such as Paksha Pradhosham and Madha pradhosham and Maha Pradhosham. Pradhosham on a waxing phase trayodasi is called Paksha pradhosham. Madha pradhosham is pradhosham on waning moon phase on a trayodasi tithi. Pradhosham during waning moon phase on trayodasi tithi on a saturday is called Maha Pradhosham.

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