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Auspicious days for buying gold

What are the auspicious days for buying gold

We have found ourselves or with others that the purchase of new products results in frequent problems with the result that the product stays at the service station most of the time rather than being useful at home. Some of us may have reflected on this. Most of us will start blaming the company the service guy and all others in between. We have to understand that there is a link between good performance and good use of any product and the good life and benefit that it bestows us.

Recently, a couple of bachelors residing next door, decided to purchase a motor bike. They took delivery of the bike and brought it home. By oversight and probably a little carelessness, they left the bike unlocked and went upstairs to bring their friend down to have a look at the bike. What happened next is fit to be a movie scene; the bike was gone; stolen right from under their nose.

The product that was bought did not serve them even for one day

Purchasing gold is no different from buying any other thing. It is thus very important that you know the most auspicious days to purchase gold. When you are buying gold for yourself, you need to consult your horoscope with the panchangam to identify the good dates to buy gold for you, according to the planet positions.

Generally, it is believed that the Mars Horai of the tuesday is a good time for purchase of a new product; in our case the most auspicious days for buying gold are tuesdays. You can consult ePanchang to be your trusted guide to help you identify the auspicious date and time for purchasing your gold.

Gold purchased during the best time to buy gold will ensure that the gold stays with you and helps you and your family in the long run.

Auspicious days for buying gold

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