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Hindi Panchang based on Drik Ganitha for the day

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Important things that panchangs help you with

The Hindi Panchang holds a lot of importance especially for the people who are following the Hindu religion in India. Although this panchang is also available in several other regional languages also but the Hindi Panchang is most significant as Hindi language is spoken in various regions across India. There are various important things for which the astrologers make use of the panchang like finding out the suitable time for the marriage which is most common and here are elaborations about some more common uses of this Panchang that would help you to increase your knowledge about them.

To find out the festival dates

You all might be aware of the fact that the Hindu festival dates are not determined by the English calendar rather it is based on the Vikram Samvat. The Hindi Panchang also helps you to determine the exact date and timings of the same as most of you are quite confused about the dates.

Most of the festivals in recent years have been celebrated for two days as most of you cannot decide upon the date on which to celebrate it. The Hindi Panchang helps you to know about the exact hours of any festival which will help you to celebrate the same at the right time. Especially, in a festival like Diwali, where the timing of worship is very important, this panchang plays a major role to help you worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi on the right time to get maximum fruits for your prayers.

In addition tom this, there is also a great bit of confusion regarding the dates for the fast such as Ekadashi, Sankranthi and others. All of you look to these panchang to make sure that you are fasting on the right day and opening your fast at the right moment as well as a prescribed time is given in the panchang to east something after fasting for a day or so.

To find out unfavorable and favorable dates

Another common use of the Hindi Panchang is to find out the unfavorable dates on which any festivities or important events shall not be conducted. There is a period called dark period and it is believed that any event such as marriage, Griha pravesh and others shall not be done during that period as it has a negative impact and there are high chances that your venture will not be successful.

The panchang also helps you to find out the most suitable dates for marriages and other important events in which it is believed to give you the best rewards. Various astrologers and scholars around the country only take this panchang into consideration while recommending these dates to you as it is believed to be quite true as well.

The Hindi Panchang is quite commonly followed by most of the businessman who always look to make sure that they are starting any new venture or assignments at the most auspicious time so that it turns out to be a profit investment.

Hindi Panchang

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