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Telugu Panchang based on Thiru Ganitha for the day

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Panchangam - the spiritual calendar of the Hindus

A Telugu Panchangam is nothing but a Hindu panchang in telugu language that follows conventional system of Hindu timekeeping, and in turn represents vital dates and calculation of these dates in a tabled form. A panchang or Panchagam is used by astrological experts to tell about auspicious time for any auspicious or happy event in a Hindu family.

A Telugu Panchangam is a traditional and spiritual calendar. A Panchagam is useful in giving the knowledge of time. Having knowledge about panchang lets one get rid of all the sins and can further bring him closer to salvation according to Vedas.

Meaning of Panchangam

A Panchangam if divided into two forms spells panchangam. Panch means five and angam means features or characteristics. These five features belong to time which is called as yoga, tithi, nakshatra, vara and karana. The knowledge of these five attributes is helpful in five following ways. Let’s look at the benefits of these five attributes

  • The Knowledge of yoga is helpful in curing diseases.
  • Having awareness about tithi can give good health.
  • Nakshatra will help you in removing your sins.
  • Vara is helpful in giving you a long life.
  • Karana can give one success for their work.

The basic attributes of a Telugu Panchangam

A Telugu Panchangam is basically divided in the following above mentioned attributes

  • Yoga is simply the meeting of the sun and the moon at favorable angles which determine the favorability of a day for any auspicious event.
  • There is a concept of new moon and full and between which lies tithi. There are in total fourteen tithis between a new moon and full moon.
  • A nakshatra is used as the term for lunar house in the basic astrology of Hindus.
  • Vara signifies the days. Each day is represented by seven planets and these planets rule each day of the week.
  • The karana attribute is basically the less than a tithi or half of a tithi.

Applications of a Panchangam in daily life

A Telugu Panchangam is most useful in deciding and fixing the mahurat for any auspicious event in the family of a traditional Hindu family.

  • With the help of Panchagam information can be availed about certain important dates related to Hindu mythology and fasts and shraddas can be done accordingly.
  • Panchagam not only tells about the auspicious time for any auspicious work rather it also literates one about the unfavorable or inauspicious time which is called Raahu kaal. This period is not suitable for any work done to achieve material gain.

A Panchagam is called with different names in different locations of India with Panchang in Hindi and Panjika in west Bengal and Odisha the most common. A Panchagam is basically published by learned people and authors who have a clear and deep knowledge about the science of the astrology.

A telugu Panchagam is published widely and it is also available online. A Panchagam is also available in app platform on the Google play store and you can download it to have a Panchagam in your mobile.

What is telugu panchangam?

The telugu panchangam 2018 tells the Vaaram, Nakshatram, Tithi, Yogam and Karanam for the day, apart from the times which needed to be avoided and the good times or favourable times of the day. Some of these days are good to do certain things, while others are not good for anything. My panchangam today is my reference point, for deciding on activities that are okay to do and for not going ahead with other things, which are not okay as per the telugu panchangam.

Today Panchangam Telugu

The today telugu panchangam reference page for immediate use, is a God send for those who wish to plan by doing the right things, rightly and at the right times. Of course, there are tehe cynics who will want proof of evidence. For them, all we say is use it and find out. There are so many people who will not believe in the ancient system of indian astrology, but at the same time, there are quite a number of people who will put their faith in this. While we will not fault the non-believers, because by default, the Indian system also accommodates the non-believers, they will know the truth in the telugu panchangam if only they will personally test it themselves.

The panchangam is based on the Indian time of 24 minutes in duration, used in calculating time and distance. The telugu panchangam considers 4 times 24, or approximately 96 minutes, for its calculations.

It is called differently all over India, and was frequently used as a method to measure time and distance.

In accordance to the ancient astrological system, for any activity, the result is positive when it is done at a specific time of the day than another time. It is said that the recommended time is the Subamuhurta; this information is available in the panchangam. My telugu panchangam tells me in elaborate detail, the various times of the day, the rahu kalam, gulika kalam, yamagandam and so on. According to Indian astrology and hindu astrology, when you do the right thing at the right time, you are bestowed with the maximum benefits.

2018 telugu panchangam

Since, it is almost impossible for us to visit the panchangam booklet everyday to find out the good and bad times and times that we can consider and what we need to avoid, we need an instant reference for panchangam. A ready reckoner that will not take too much time to respond. The telugu panchangam here is your instant astrologer who tells you good times whenever you require it. According to astrology and its followers, consulting the telugu panchangam today, one can get the maximum mileage in terms of a healthy body, mind and wealth for a carefree life; just so because you do your designated activity only at the designated time.

There are many categories telugu panchangam provides for good time consultations; good and positive times are classified for you under general, health, travel, business, assets and auspicious times for each category. You may consult the panchangam, to know good times of the day. Sometimes, your 2018 telugu panchangam also indicates that the date itself is not auspicious. What you do is that you avoid those dates and avoid performing any new actions on those dates. Just follow the regular work schedule for those days.

What is the best date to buy a car?

This is just one of the few questions to which people want to know the answer. What is the best date to buy a car? the best date to start business, the best date to open a business and so on. Answers to all questions can be found in the telugu panchangam here. You only have to login to the telugu panchangam and visit your personal page to get answers to all your what is the best time queries related in various categories like business, health, travel, purchase of assets, sale of property and registration, favourable times for conducting poojas and homams etc. When you login with your time of birth and date of birth telugu panchangam will give you good times in each of these categories. If, for example, you want to find out the best time for your child's upanayanam function; just a momentary glance will give you the shortlist. That's how powerful you become.

one of the most discussed features of the today telugu panchangam is where you can identify good dates that are common for more than one person; where the person may be a friend, family member or even a complete stranger.

When can we migrate to the new house?

Of course, anyone wanting to do the grihapravesh wants to do it on the best day; but the best day for whom, the man or the woman of the house? The answer is both; the best dates common for both the man and the wife, together. The telugu panchangam provides you immediate results. You just need not consult the astrologer now. Find out your common favourable dates and then go to the astrologer only to confirm the dates. It is so simple isn't it. Saves you so much time and effort. It also does you save a lot of money.

Most importantly, all your telugu panchangam 2018 services offered here are FREE to use always. We welcome you to visit us for all the right answers to your good dates, good times questions.

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