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Dwadasi is the twelfth tithi of the Moon's cycle of waxing and waning phases.

People born on dwadasi tithi will be popular among women and will be very wealthy. Dwadasi born will have many enemies but they have the tact to handle their enemies skillfully.

Dwadashi is ruled by Budhan, division is Bhadra, deity is Aditya. If Dwadasi falls on a wednesday, it is considered an auspicious day.

Among all dwadasis, Vaikasi and Avani dwadasi are considered very important. If it is Suklapaksha dwadasi, it has the nature of providing fame. Dwadasi is good for annaprasam, upanayanam and marriage. Travel during the tithi, grihapravesam and oil massage should be avoided.

According to some, the dwadasi tithi is good for all matters related to health, all work related to the government, assisting father etc.

Suklapaksha dwadasi is termed lucky and is good for kalyanam, upanayanam, making and wearing ornaments, purchase and wearing of clothes, travel and a soothing oil massage.

In the month of Karthigai Suklapaksha Dwadasi is considered very auspicious for punya karmas such as japam, tavam, daanam, yagnam, homam. This same period should not be used to as a beginning of education for upanayanam, kalyanam, house construction, grihapravesam, travelling and working on plantations.

Dwadasi importance

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