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Panchami is the fifth tithi of one cycle of the moon phase.

People who are born on the panchami tithi will generally be intelligent and live a long life. They will have a strong moral character. Person born on panchami has admirable qualities, is well educated and rich. Even though they are kind to others, they may not get the same treatment in return. They are experts in their own field of procession.

Panchami is a tithi of importance. It is ideal tithi to take medication for the first time. When anyone begins travel during the panchami tithi, the results will be favourable and successful.

The naga panchami festival is very popular among women.

Panchami is ruled by Guru, division is Purna, deity is Chandra. If Panchami falls on a thursday, it is considered an auspicious day.

Panchami tithi importance

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