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Gokulashtami 2016
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is special for Shiva, Navaratri is special for the Mother Goddess. Rama Navami is special for Sri Rama. Kanda sashti is special for Subrahmanya. But, for Krishna, it is Gokulashtami, with reference to the place of his birth and the tithi of birth Ashtami.

Bhagwan Sri Krishna was born on the Aavani month, krishna paksha ashtami, rohini nakshatra at midnight as a child of Vasudev and Devaki

It is believed that he was born in the darkest of the nights and remains a light that removes darkness. It is said that ashtami and navami are tithis where one should not begin any new activities, because they are the birth tithis of Krishna and Rama.

Similarly, it is said that one should not begin any new activity on ones birthday.

Krishna is that avatar who performed miracles and mesmerised the population, right from his childhood. When at his youngest he showed the world inside his mouth. He has shown his viswaroopa many times in his life to various people.

Gokulashtami is a fit day for bhakti, prayers and fasting with the Lord filling up the body, mind and soul.

It is and ideal to read about his history and exploits, perform prayers and sing his praise to receive his blessings on the Gokulashtami day.

gokulashtami 2016 is called Janmastami in the northern part of India.

Gokulashtami 2016

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