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Janma Lagna Palan
Lagna NameJanma Lagna Palan
Mesham(Mesha) For the mesha lagna , the native will make a considerable impact on others. He or she will devote great time in completing projects and attaining objectives. A Good personality that will emerge in his/her attitude towards others, while showing kindness and love and in search for a harmonious and well balanced life. It is largely true that the drive and sense of urgency in life is overwhelmingly powerful in the person.
Rishabam(Vrshabha) For the rishba lagna , the person will be obsessed with emotional and financial security. The native will have strong ambition and desire to possess beautiful things. There will be less desire and little concern to attain or develop aesthetic values in comparison to material wealth. He/She will be considerably more demanding of his/her partner. The native will also possess a strong element of jealousy, which may often be based on unfounded beliefs and hunches.
Mithunam(Mithuna) For the mithuna lagna , the native will be very talkative. The individual will be very active and good in conversation. The native will be highly versatile and have a variety of interests. But restlessness will be native's main problem and this will also effect his/her health. The native will have singleness of purpose and will always try to keep the objectives of his/her mission in sight.
Katagam(Karkaṭaga) For the kataga lagna , it will provide him/her considerable inner strength and determination. The native will have certainly and tenacity of purpose and may even neglect his/her loved ones in attaining objectives and pursuing goal. One of the important characteristics is that the native will be very shrewd, which could be extremely beneficial in business or finance.
Simham(Siṃha) For the simha lagna , the planets will make the individual autocratic. He/She will be very straightforward. At times he/she may tend to show off but this will be his/her weakness. but he/she may be a great administrator and pursue his goals with great care. The person needs to have a partner with a different rising sign or there may be problems. In this case, the best rising signs for the partner would be either Taurus or Pisces.
Kanni(Kanya)For the kannya lagna, it is likely to develop a strong desire to communicate with the native. A person with the rising of this sign will be practical and possess great logic. However, the person with the rising of this sign will be a soft and kind hearted person. It will help the native to develop permanent relationships. The native should learn to concentrate only on few things at one time rather than work many tasks to avoid failure and disappointments.
Thulam(Tula) For the thula lagna , one needs to look for a rewarding and permanent relationship with a partner. Although very emotional and affectionate, they show no affection outwardly. He/She is unable to take quick decisions. He/She has a natural tendency to be kind-hearted and sympathetic to others.
Vrischigam(Vrischika) For the vrischiga lagna , the person is full of energy, drive and dedication. The person's energy resources provide terrific force to his/her mode of expression and life. The native will have great power of concentration. Possessiveness towards the partner is quite obvious. For a happy life, this needs to be controlled. He/she will often tend to win the argument and like to force his opinions on others.
Dhanusu(Dhanus) For the dhanusu lagna , the native desires to do different kinds of jobs. He/she has a strong tendency to progress in all directions. The native has high aims in life and is ready to take opportunities whenever possible. Since Born in a fire sign, it provides great enthusiasm to the native The native always likes to express himself/herself in his/her own way and is ready to accept any kind of challenge in life. It may sometimes make one overenthusiastic, leading to problems.
Magaram(Makara) For the makara lagna , he/she will have great stability in life, and common sense that's second to none. As a result, the native is in a position to shape his/her life and plans in an extremely careful and practical way. At times, however one can underestimate oneself, which is not a very healthy quality. Such feelings may occur at times due to lack of confidence or because of the native's inherent shyness. At times, the native may have a great interest in music and architecture and be inclined towards sculpture.
Kumbham(Kumbha) For the kumbha lagna , the native possess an inherent need for independence and originality. So the native looks different from others. But he/she is not unpredictable. The native is full of life and tries many interesting, new things. He/she is very kind towards the young and possesses very powerful humanitarian qualities, especially when others need his/her help. It is imperative for this person to think twice before committing to a permanent relationship.
Meenam(Meena) For the meenam lagna , the person possess both positive and negative qualities. He/she is often kindly disposed but also quite powerfully critical towards others. The native must realise these shortcomings. The native is often emotionally influenced by others, when in difficulty. The other people cannot match the qualities of this person. He/she is prepared to sacrifice anything if it benefits others and is highly charitable too.
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