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Today (Thursday, July 16, 2020) Rasi Palan
Rasi NameRasi Palan
Mesham(Meṣa)Moon is transiting through 2nd house and hence you may get into financial problems. There might be disappointments and your self-confidence will go down. There may be troubles in the family. Sincere prayers and seeking forgiveness for past sins will bring down the severity of the effects.
Rishabam(Vṛṣabha)Moon is transiting through the first house and is fortunate. It will make you satisfied and happy. It is an auspicious period for worshipping God.
Mithunam(Mithuna)Transit of Moon through 12th house will increase expenditures. During this period, his respect and honour may also be affected. He should avoid any conflicts as it may influence his mental capacity and he may feel very lazy. He may also feel that something wrong is going to happen, which may increase his stress.
Katagam(Karkaṭa)Moon transiting in the 11th house is auspicious for the native and you will reap many benefits and have a happy state of mind. During this period, you will be able to defeat his enemies and achieve success in long pending legal matters. There will be a major contribution of women behind your successes during this transit.
Simham(Siṃha)Tenth house is the house of livelihood. Since Moon is transiting through this house it will be auspicious for you in matters of business. You will become hard-working and feel energetic. You will get the support of friends and relatives. You will also inherit positive and high moral qualities during this time.
Kanni(Kanya)With the Moon passing through 9th house, you may not get desired support of your children. You will be less fortunate and may face various obstacles at work. You may have to follow the command of others. You should incline towards spirituality and concentrate on prayers during this period.
Thulam(Tula)Moon transiting through the 8th house indicates health related problems. You may feel stressed out due to arrival of bad news. You should avoid getting involved in conflicts during this time. You may suffer from joint pains.
Vrischigam(Vṛscika)Moon is now transiting through 7th house and you will be fortunate during this time and be very happy. There will be increase in income and you may become famous. You will achieve success at work and also get the support of your life-partner.
Dhanusu(Dhanus)Moon transits through the sixth house and makes you physically fit and healthy. You will achieve success through your efforts. Expenditures will be limited and savings will increase. You will stay happy and will also achieve success in line with your efforts. Your enemies will not try to cause you any harm.
Magaram(Makara)Moon transits through the fifth house and you may have to bear problems due to cough and diseases of the gall bladder. One may have to face stomach related problems. This is a difficult period. Sincere prayers will always help in overcoming the hurdles.
Kumbham(Kumbha)Moon transits to the fourth house and it results in mental restlessness. There may be affections on the health front and you could suffer from bodily ailments.
Meenam(Mina)Moon is transiting through the third house and thus may provide auspicious results. There will be lot of support from friends, relatives, and elders, brothers and sisters. This period makes you courageous and bold.

Advanced Ways to get your daily horoscope

It has become a common habit of most of you to start you day only after going through your daily horoscope which is also provided in various regional languages now. For the Tamil speaking people, the today rasi palan is easily available in the native language from a number of sources. You can sign up with some of the most dignified and renowned astrologers for getting your daily horoscope. The technology has now made it even simpler for you to get the same as you can make use of the technological developments that can help you in getting your daily horoscope more easily. Here are some of the ways in which you can get today rasi palan without any hassle or complication

Through the Internet

The internet has become one of the most credible and convenient sources for getting your daily horoscope these days. You can look to the various websites that provide free daily horoscopes to help you to have a good prediction about how your day is going to be. You can also sign-up for your personalized horoscopes based on your kundli with some of the best astrologers available on the internet by paying out some minute charges. The best thing with the internet service is that it saves a lot of time for you and at the same time, you are spoilt for choices.

There are different astrologers available who can predict your today rasi palan by taking into consideration different factors that can give you a closer look at how your day is going to pan out. Some of use your sun-sign to decipher your daily horoscope while some of the others use the moon sign to predict the same. But you must be shrewd before signing up with anyone and can also ask for a free trial period to be assured of his skills.

Through the Telephone

You can also signup for your today rasi palan with your astrologer through the telephonic discussions. Various famed Tamil astrologers are now available to help you with your daily horoscopes at some nominal charges that can save some good money and time that you spend while going to your astrologer. At the same time, most of you don’t have the luxury of a top astrologer in your city and thus by the telephonic conversations, the things can become much easier for you and you can get a good idea about how your day is going to turn out.

Especially for the people who live outside India, it is quite a common problem to find a skilled astrologer in their city. So, by having good telephonic discussions with their native astrologers on phone, they can be more relaxed and can get more accurate predictions as far as the today rasi palan is concerned. You can also get help on different topics such as marriage match, how to overcome any particular scenario and various other problems through these telephonic discussions which has made it very popular. In modern day, people are even making use of video calling facility to be in better contact with their astrologer.

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Today Rasi Palan

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