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Porutham Malayalam

ePanchang had introduced jathaka porutham sometime ago. This was in English intially and now we have brought it in the malayalam language for you. The malayalam jathaka porutham will be available here and the charts and porutham report will be given out in the malayalam script.

The jathaka porutham in malayalam is the new addition to the whole list of features offered by ePanchang.com. We had recently introduced the Malayalam Jathakam. Your jathakam in malayalam is offered elsewhere in this site. This page offers jathaka porutham in malayalam, for matching two jathakams, of the boy and the girl to tell you 10 plus 3 poruthams, accurately.

നക്ഷത്ര പൊരുത്തം

The laws of attraction are based on the stars in the short run as well as in the long run. We have all noticed that we are attracted to one person in a group, while with another person we feel most uncomfortable. There is a reason behind it. One is the date of birth or numerology, while the other is astrological or based on the stars or planet positions at the time your birth. If you feel attracted, it means that you atleast have one jathaka porutham with that person. If there is vasya porutham, then the mutual attraction is natural. This page presents to you jathaka porutham in malayalam, also called nakshatra porutham, which considers not just the vasya porutham that is the reason for your finding one person attractive, but also the other 12 poruthams which are required to have a happy and prosperous married life as we wish the couple on the day of the wedding.

ജാതക പൊരുത്തം

According to astrology, the jathaka porutham malayalam helps you match with the right person in your life to be with you all through your life. Also called nakshatra porutham, your jathaka porutham in malayalam page, takes your birth details and the would be's birth details and tell you if the horoscopes are a match or a no match. Your jathaka porutham calculator in malayalam is based on the rasi, lagnam, janma nakshatram and obviously, the placement of the planets in your chart at the time of birth.

It is a gift of God if you get a perfect 13 on 13 match, which is truly impossible, but if you get it, then you are a blessed one. Just fill in the form that is shown in this page and you instantly get your jathaka porutham in malayalam report. With each porutham the type of match such as uthama, madhyama or athama porutham is marked. An uthama matching for most poruthams is what we love to have, though.

The jathaka porutham calculator malayalam language report, checks mainly if one of the horscope has Chovva dosham and the other does not, which is seen as a significant factor. If one of the horscopes has Chovva dosham, then the matching is not done. But, if both the jathakams have Chovva dosham, then the matching is considered, if other factors are also matching. Generally, a few important parameters are taken into account such as the longevity of the relationship, the mental makeup of the would be husband and wife for psychological compatibility of give and take, getting blessed with good progeny, the health aspects are especially considered, the possibility of separation after marriage and of course one of the most important factors which is continued financial independence and wealth.

The poruthams such as dina porutham, gana porutham, mahendra porutham, stree deergham, yoni porutham and all are aspects of the above compatibility check and are collectively called jathaka porutham in malayalam. Just fill in your details to get your porutham report now.

There may be some cases when either the boy or the girl may not know the date of birth details accurately. In these circumstances, we can have the rasi and star of the boy and girl to find out the jathaka porutham in malayalam. This is also called the nakshatra or rasi porutham. The date of birth and time of birth is better, but if there is no other option, this method could be used. Further, an expert astrologer may easily find out if the rasi and star are correct by evaluating the character of the person. Of course, that is another topic for discussion.

This jathaka porutham in malayalam service is yours for free, will always be free. Feel free to visit any time and also let your friends and relatives know, so that they may also benefit from this FREE online jathaka porutham for marriage in malayalam from ePanchang.

Horoscope matching in Kerala

Kerala is referred to as “Gods own country” and in some reason or the other this reference is worthwhile and holds value. Kerala is one the oldest states of India and has large number of temples and shrines which reflects the cultural heritage of this beautiful land. Similar culture is followed in Kerala when it comes to matchmaking process for the prospective groom and bride. To help them with matchmaking process Jathaka Porutham in Malayalam is used widely in state.

Horoscope Matchmaking

A Jathaka Porutham which is based on the traditional horoscope match making of Kerala employs certain considerations for the matchmaking process and factors such as like mindedness, loyalty, eagerness to help each other, physical attributes, the capability of the male partner in protecting women from any problem and health and wealth are important parameters which are calculated and observed to settle the match making process also called as Jathaka Porutham in Malayalam.

The process of match making

The qualities or match making essentials mentioned above are the prime factors in assessing the longevity and happiness of a marriage and these qualities are used to assess the future possibility of a match in terms of longevity and happiness in the relation over longest period of time by using 10 poruthams of match making such as ganam, rajju, rashi, vasya, yoni, stree, vedham, deerkham, rashyadhipa and mahendra stars, If all the stars match than the match is perfect and the stars of rajju and vedham are absent in any of the boy or girl than the match is cancelled then and there. Jathaka Porutham in Malayalam apart from using the conventional method also matches the horoscope of the bride and the groom in order to know about the factors of dashya sandhi and papa samya needs to be scrutinized carefully before reaching to any conclusion in the match making process.

The ten stars or poruthams are important as the place of every star ensures certain characteristics and key points related to marriage and some of the most essential of them are factors like

  • The health of the girl and boy over a period of time.
  • Compatibility in relation to physical relationship which is helpful for a good temperament.
  • The reproductive capacity of woman is also taken into consideration.
  • The happiness of the girl is maintained which will ensure that the husband will live for the longest time more than the woman. It is the most important factor.
  • The factor that mutual admiration and love for each other is also one of the most important factors in determining a happy married life in Jathaka Porutham in Malayalam.

Significance of Jathaka Porutham in Malayalam

Ten Porutham the matchmaking process by using stars is a traditional Indian match making process which is followed to ensure a happy and celebrated union of two individuals over the longest period of time. This method of match making is based on Vedic astrology which was devised by ancient Hindu saints and scholars and questions cannot be raised over its trueness or authenticity regarding the matchmaking process of the girl and the boy.

Jathaka Porutham in Malayalam

Services offered by ePanchang.com are for informational and entertainment purposes only. ePanchang is not liable for any damages from using data provided herein. (C) Copyright Caladium Systems Pvt Limited. All rights reserved.


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