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Match making is the solemn process for happy married life

Marriage is considered as one of the most auspicious parts of the life especially in Hindis. They consider marriage as the relationship which is supposed to exist for over seven births. Astrology compatibility check is done by the families of the boy and girl who are selected for each other either by themselves or by their families. In Hindus, Astrology compatibility is considered to be the most important task before the proceedings of the marriage to ensure that the boy and the girl are compatible with each other and there are no hurdles in their marriage. Kundali Milan is done for finding the percentage of compatibility based on the sun signs or zodiac sign. It helps in ensuring that the couples live happily thereafter.

Importance of compatibility match before marriage

People all around the world are interested in getting married according to the Hindu culture. Matching Astrology compatibility is an integral part of the Hindu marriage to check the compatibility of the boy and girl. There are 8 aspects which are matched for determining the compatibility.

  • Varna -counts 1 number
  • Vashya-counts 2 number
  • Tara-counts 3 number
  • Yoni-counts 4 number
  • Graha-Matri-counts 5 number
  • Gana-counts 6 number
  • Bhakoot-counts 7 number
  • Nadi-counts 8 number

The total of these aspects are 36 which are matched for determining the compatibility. Check the following scales to identify your compatibility level

  • Rank between 36 and 28 is considered as the excellent match
  • Rank between 27 and 20 is considered a good match
  • Rank between 19 and 13 is an average match
  • Below 12 is considered not a good match.

On obtaining the lowest points, the couples may have to face lots of sacrifices and sufferings in their married life. There are some other aspects of determining Astrology compatibility which are Lagna, Rashi, Ascendant position of moon and Nakshatra.

Complications on not matching the horoscope

It is witnessed that in most of the marriages where the compatibility is not matched, there are high chances that either husband or wife breaks the marriage. In such cases, not only the couples are affected but also their children and their families are deeply affected. Divorce can be a life breaking experience for many couples.

Get astrological counseling

As every question has an answer, every problem brings a solution with it. You only need to find the solution to get out of the problems. If there are some troubles in the Astrology compatibility between the couple who wish to marry each other can take consultation from the expert astrologer. They are the people who have deep knowledge about the planets and their impacts on human life. They also know the solutions and remedies to control their effect on human life. Thus astrological consultation can helps to improve the compatibility issue and brings happiness in life of the couple. Astrologers many suggest some pujans or to wear the gemstone ruling your zodiac sign to control the ruling planetary effect in your life. There are many astrologers who guarantee to have wisdom but not all the astrologers have the same knowledge.

The astrology compatibility chart is prepared with the horoscope of the boy and the girl, containing the birth details such as place, date and time of birth. The birthday horoscope compatibility or the astrology compatibility report contains many tests such as love compatibility, compatible star signs, horoscope compatibility and so on .

This compatibility chart based on east indian astrology, has about 12 compatibility tests which are essential for a happy and successful married life.

The astrology compatibility chart takes into account various compatibility tests comparing the horoscope of the boy and the girl to identify if it is a suitably matched with each other. Most of the marriages these days are conducted without checking the compatibility of the boy and the girl concerned, which includes not just the likeness of thought and mutual attraction, but a life without misunderstanding, a married life with good offspring, a life with good understanding between both the families, a life where both the husband and wife not getting caught in crisis at the same time and so on, counting up to 12 matches.

Even though it is difficult to get a positive astrology compatibility chart match for all the 12 features, there are a few called dinam, ganam, rajju, yoni, mahendram, which properties at least should successfully match between the boy and the girl. On the other hand, when the vasyam matching or mutual attraction or the love compatibility test is passed, all other compatibility tests take a back seat. The love horoscope compatibility means that the boy and the girl are invariably in love with each other. But, at the same time, it is better to ensure full horoscope compatibility after other checks like Rajju, which if not matched, will mean that the couple will fall in bad times at the same time, which is not good for the relationship. A Rajju matching is tested to ensure that only one of the couple will fall in bad times and that the better half will support the other during times of crisis.

Mahendram matching is another aspect of the astrology compatibility chart, which is deemed very important. A successful matching in this means that the married life will be a prosperous one. Even though love is important in a successful marriage, one without wealth will soon find out that love alone cannot provide them peace of mind. Thus a successful matching for a prosperous marriage becomes imperative.

The Yoni matching is one of the important tests that are done when testing for astrology compatibility between the couple. A positive yoni match ensures that there is conjugal bliss or connubial bliss in their married life. Everyone agrees that this is the most essential matching for astrology compatibility.

Other tests are the test for compatible star signs, which is done to ensure that the day to day life is without the small fights. You must have seen couples fighting over trivial things. When star signs are not compatible, these things do happen.

Thus it becomes clear that your horoscope compatibility test result or the astrology compatibility chart needs to be as successful as can be for a successful, happy, long, married life. Get your astrology horoscope compatibility matching chart here, absolutely FREE.

Astrology Compatibility

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