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Tamil Panchang based on Thiru Ganitha panchangam
Many have heard about panchangam and most of them know about it. Quite a few of them follow the panchangam in their daily lives. The general panchangam is good for people to know the date and time when a certain activity should not be done. For example, most people know that any auspicious activity should not be undertaken on Ashtami tithi. Similarly, most of the people do not begin anything important on a Rahukala. These are general interpretations. If you notice, the planetary positions keep changing every day, continuously. Planetary positions for the same tithi need not be same for all cities. In fact, they will not be the same. As an example of personal panchangam predictions, if Jupiter or Venus or Mercury in 1, 4, 7 10 houses from lagna, it is good time. This is an example of personal auspicious timings for you as an individual. This kind of interpretation is only possible and more effective, because these are personalized interpretations of the panchangam for individuals.
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19/06/2014 - Guru Peyarchi , from Mithunam to Kadagam rasi.
02/11/2014 - Sani Peyarchi , from Thula to virutcham rasi.
12/07/2014 - Rahu Peyarchi , from thula to kanni rasi.
12/07/2014 - kethu peyarchi ,from mesha to meena rasi.

Muhurtham dates

Muhurtham dates are very important, especially when it comes to planning weddings. Getting the right muhurtham dates is a process, which involves multiple visits to the astrologer or vadhyar, who calculates and comes up with many muhurtham dates based on the horoscopes. This process usually consumes a few days, where the astrologer pores over the charts and comes up with shortlisted muhurtham dates. These muhurtham dates are easily calculated with ePanchang's muhurtham dates page. From the many dates offerred, we can easily get the muhurtham dates, filtered from the standard list of muhurtham dates at the muhurtham dates page. Muhurtham dates are a result of the analysis of both the jathagam, where the planetary positions in the rasis are evaluated to find out the right muhurtham dates, automatically, at the muhurtham dates page.

Nalla Natkal

Nalla natkal are a must for any auspicious activity. For any subha muhurtham first there is this need to identify nalla natkalThere are general nalla natkal and your own personal nalla natkal. The regular panchangam you get at the spiritual utility shop, displays the nalla natkal for everybody. But, Nalla natkal are different for everyone. The nalla natkal for you will certainly be different from the nalla natkal for me. That is because the planetary positions in the jathakam are different for each. ePanchang is helps you identify accurately the good dates or nalla natkal for yourself and nalla natkal for your friend and family. ePanchang offers to identify the nalla natkal of yours, for the week, month, year and beyond. Nalla natkal need to be identified to conduct a puja, homam, house-warming, betrothal, marriage, ear-piercing, upanayanam, shastiabdhapoorthi or even a convocation for your college. epanchang is the place to visit to get your nalla natkal with little effort. ePanchang is one of the most visited sites that recommend nalla natkal for marriage. Nalla natkal means the auspicious dates for muhurtham or suba muhurtham dates. Essentially, nalla natkal is the list of auspicious dates for marriage. Nalla natkal generally excludes natkal like ashtami, navami, karinal, amavasya, pournami, while including tithis generally considered auspicious. Visit the nalla natkal page to get your exclusive list of nalla natkal for the month, nalla natkal for the next 3 months and so on.

Nalla Neram

Nalla neram is the right time to do the right action. Nalla neram is sparse to come by in a day. Some times are generally avoided; these times most of us know, like the rahu kalam, yamagandam etc. Some times are said to be very good (nalla neram), for example, the abhijit nakshatram. Similarly, the Gulika kaalam is the time where one can take part in activities or do a work that one wants to repeat itself. Technically, Gulika kalam is a nalla neram or ketta neram, depending on the activity that you envisage. So, for example, you do not go and see the doctor on Gulika time, because you will be keeping on visiting the doctor. Get to know your nalla neram, based upon your jathagam chart, for the daily nalla neram, weekly nalla neram, month-wise nalla neram and so on. Nalla neram means the auspicious muhurtham times, literally meaning good times. As indicated above, nalla neram is a time block which excludes rahu kalam, yamagandam, gulikai kalam of a day and includes the good hora of the day. Essentially, nalla neram is the list of auspicious times for marriage (muhurtham dates) and other subha karmas. Visit this page to get your nalla natkal, nalla neram list.

Auspicious dates for Marriage

Did you wonder about the act of identifying the auspicious dates for marriage? It is an elaborate act of doing away with the bad dates and selecting the most auspicious one from the remaining few. By default, there are certain auspicious dates which are muhurtham dates throughout the year. These dates are available in any panchangam, printed or electronic. But, a good date for you, may not be a good date for me. So, we cannot generalize and say these dates are auspicious muhurtham dates for marriage, for everybody. This is because, all our charts are different, the charts of the bride and the groom are different. So, a date that is good for the boy may not be good for the girl. We need to identify auspicious dates for marriage or muhurtham dates based on both their charts or jathagams and find out the best dates for them. This is difficult, though not impossible to do manually. ePanchang helps you out here, by filtering in the most auspicious dates for marriage for boy and girl. Auspicious dates for marriage are good muhurtham dates, literally meaning favourable dates. Auspicious dates are ideal for marriage and other personal and religious activities. Get your list of auspicious muhurtham dates here. Visit ePanchang, plan your betrothal, marriage, honeymoon, seemantham dates and more. ePanchang, for not just marriage dates

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