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Auspicious days

What are auspicious days?

If you are familiar with astrology or at least were brought up in a family that is a little religious, you must be familiar with the terms nalla naal, subha muhurtham and the like. Auspicious days are days where the planetary positions are favourable for certain activities.

Generally, an astrologer is consulted before any important event is conducted in a family or a business or a group. The astrologer consults the panchangam or the astrological almanac, to find out the placement of the planets and compare the data with the horoscope of the individual or concern. He is then able to identify the good or favourable or Auspicious days for the function

On the premise of doing the right thing at the right time, auspicious days are the right time to do positive, productive activities and for achieving great success.

Auspicious days

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