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Gujarat Festivals


Holi Holi Holi is a festival of colours, occuring in the spring time, celebrated mostly in the northern parts of India.


Gokulashtami Gokulashtami is special for Shiva, Navaratri is special for the Mother Goddess. Rama Navami is special for Sri Rama. Kanda sashti is special for Subrahmanya.


Navaratri Navaratri Navaratri is a festival celebrated all over India and much across the world with sizeable Indian population.

Sankatahara Chaturthi

Sankatahara Chaturthi Sankatahara Chaturthi Sankatahara Chaturthi is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It is celebrated every month [lunar], on the fourth day of the waning phase of the moon [Krishna Paksham].

Vinayaki Chaturthi

Vinayaki chaturthi Vinayaki chaturthi Vinayaki Chathurti is a vratham that is a celebration. A celebration all over India. Vinayaka is a simple God that is found in every street corner. He is a God that comes to your immediate rescue, when you call on him with sincerity.

Makara Sankranti

Makar Sankranti Sankranti Makar Sankranti is a Hindu festival celebrated in almost all parts of India, Nepal and Bangladesh in many cultural forms.

Rama Navami

Rama Navami Rama Navami Ram Navami also known as Sri Rama Navami is a Hindu festival, celebrating the birth of Lord Rama to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya of Ayodhya.

Vasant Panchami

Vasant panchami Vasant Panchami Vasant Panchami is the first and more minor of two spring-themed festivals in Hindu culture. These days, Vasant Panchami day is associated with Goddess Saraswati..

Fantastic festivals of Gujarat

Gujarat is the most beautiful and diversified state of India. Gujarat is also known as the land of festivals which celebrates more than 3500 festivals and fairs in a whole year to keep alive its tradition, culture and heritage. Gujarat is a colorful and vibrant state which also hosts many local Gujarat festivals on a bigger scale and enthusiasm. The most popular Gujarat festivals that are being celebrated are Diwali, kite festival known as Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti, Holi, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Mohorram and Ramzan, Modhera Dance Festival, Kutch Mahotsava, Shivratri, Vautha Mela, Bhavnath Mahadev Festival, and Jagannath Rath Yatra.

Some of the popular Gujarat festivals are briefed below:

Diwali : In India, Diwali is considered as the leader of all festivals and is celebrated with the most dedication and enthusiasm. Diwali is considered as one of the most important Gujarat festivals. People celebrate Diwali to welcome Maa Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth into their house so that their home may always fill with wealth and joy all round the year. Many of the people believe that Maa Lakshmi helps them in achieving their goals and brings good luck along with the festival.

Holi: Holi is celebrated in Gujarat in the month of March. Holi festival brings the joy and happiness of welcoming of lord Krishna. People celebrate Holi with many different colors and sweets. Men, women and children celebrate this Gujarat festival by dancing to the tunes of famous regional folk song “Govinda ala re, zara matki sambhal brijbala”. People welcome each other by playing with many vibrant colors and offering some delicious sweets and cuisines.

Navratri: Navratri is being celebrated nonstop for nine nights and is considered as the most vibrant Gujarat festival of all time. Navratri is all about offering devotion to the goddess Durga who is believed to have nine existent forms. Maa Durga has the divine power or shakti which controls and supports the entire universe. People celebrate these nine nights will all the joy and happiness. Both men and women dance to the tunes of well known folk dance Garba and Dandia. This dance form is so popular that sometimes competitions are held and prizes are given to the best dancer. Women wear traditional colorful costumes to participate in this event. The celebration and dance usually starts late in night and continue till early morning.

Kite festival: Kite festival is also one of the most enthusiasm filled Gujarat festivals which features many creative ideas and craftsmanship in designing the best kite. Kite festival is celebrated on the occasion of Makar Sankranti and is popularly known as Uttarayan. On this day kites are flown all over Gujarat which almost covers the sky with many multicolored kites. People from all around the world comes to participate in this kite flying festival and show their talent in designing different shapes and sizes of kite which contains many vibrant and beautiful colors.

Janmashtami: Janmashtami is also one of the most awaited Gujarat festivals which is celebrated every year as the birthday of Lord Krishna and is celebrated with maximum enthusiasm in Dwaraka. People from all over the India and world visit the famous Dwaraka temple to offer devotion to the Lord Krishna.

Gujarat Festivals

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