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Rasi porutham in tamil

Rasi porutham in tamil is usually used to find horoscope compatibility, when the jathagam is not available or when the birth date and time is not known. Rasi porutham is also used when one or both jathagams are lost. Rasi porutham in tamil actually means that the matching is done based on the rasi and nakshatra instead of calculating it using the date, time and place of birth details, to find 10 porutham for marriage. Even though rasi porutham makes use of the same parameters for finding the jathaga porutham, it is to be noted that when just rasi porutham alone is evaluated, certain aspects like the sarpa dosham, chevvai dosham, dasa sandhi, dosha samyam, sastashtaka dosham, ashtasastaka dosham, puthra dosham cannot be calculated. Rasi porutham in tamil does not indicate knowledge of the lagna. Hence, the above doshams may not be calculated, since all dosha calcualtions are based on the lagna or the ascendant sign in the jathagam. Rasi porutham in tamil is offered by ePanchang, in case you do not know the birth details and posess the knowledge of only the star and rasi names. Select the rasi and nakshatra of both the boy and the girl to find out 10 porutham for marriage.

Nakshatra matching

Nakshatra matching or nakshatra porutham, as it is called in Tamil, refers not just to nakshatra matching or porutham, but additionally if the rasi is also known, we can match the 10 porutham for marriage including nakshatra matching. Matching jathagam consists of the compatibility in the 10 poruthams for marriage. Of the 10 poruthams, seven poruthams are calculated based on nakshatra matching. The seven poruthams that use nakshatra matching are dina porutham, gana porutham, mahendra porutham, sthree deergam, yoni porutham, rajju porutham and vedhai porutham. When checking for jathagam porutham for marriage in Tamil nadu, it is not just the nakshatra matching that is considered but also other aspects of rasi porutham such as vasiyam, rasi athipathi and rasi porutham are also taken into account for correct jathagam matching. It is better that the lagna is also known, in which case, the doshams that affect both the jathagams can also be known, in order to calculate the best matching between the jathagams. You can get your nakshatra matching report at ePanchang, for FREE.

Rassi Porutham: The importance and matching factors

Indias culture and tradition has a very significant perspective for marriages where it is named as most platonic, pure and eternal bond of relationship between a man and women. The numerous vivid descriptions are there to support the long methodology and tradition which is there to set immortal bond between a bride and groom. Same as the marriage procedure, the match making also has its own importance and significance. The ancient rishis or sage has instructed various eligibility levels for compatibility of men and women being together in marriage and also to look whether it can be successful or not. Matching of horoscopes and poruthams or kootas of the partners is done to check the compatibility and it is the method of Rassi porutham. There are ten rasi-porutham-in-tamil designed by the ancient sages to look out for as to match in-between to-be bride and to-be groom.

The importance and scenario of Rassi porutham in society

The importance of Rassi-porutham in-Tamil is very significant and inclusive in every Tamil marriage. The tradition of Rassi-porutham- in Tamil is abided to follow in marriages by their ancestors and senior family members to their heirs. Marriages in India are considered as most eternal bond with no turning back in the road. So, elders are responsible for marriages and so this tradition gained more importance in match making. Although there are twenty poruthams listed by those script makers or sages but at present age ten of them which are primary, are considered as factors of match making in Tamil families. Their concern to their culture and respect and obedience towards their elders is the reason that rasi-porutham-in-tamil is never neglected even after so many years.

Rassi porutham in todays life: The rasi-porutham-in-tamil is based on the birth stars or horoscopes and also the study of astrology and predictions. Poruthams are specific to their attributes and carry different perspectives from different mind and body. In this technological era, there are various smart phone apps to understand as well as use the calculation of Rassi porutham. Also, there are softwares of rasi-porutham-in-tamil that are used by today’s matchmaking pundits which shows the blend of technology and traditional at the same time.

The 10 Match Making factors

The compatibility factors are used for match making in rasi-porutham-in-tamil are:

  • Dina Porutham/Nakshatra Porutham: This factor reflect the durability if the marriage life and represents health and disease or trouble free life.
  • Gana Porutham: Matching by the temperament of people looking by three ganams that is deva (loving, kind, good heart), manusha (both good and bad qualities) and rakshaash (rude and bad).
  • Mahendra porutham: Representing health, kids, happy marriage life and durability and would be perfect if only there is mahendra porutham.
  • Yoni Porutham: It represents performing Gender in-between the couple and the compatibility which binds it.
  • Rassi porutham: The compatibility of unity, zodiac, perceptions and disputes shows here in this.
  • Rassi Athipathi porutham: it represents compatibility of friendship between birth stars.
  • Other three are: Stree dheeka, vasiya and vedha porutham which represents life span of bride and groom, attraction and affliction respectively in rasi-porutham-in-tamil.

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