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Auspicious days for travel

What are best days for travel?

Most travel plans are done weeks and months ahead of the travel date. With the science of astrology in hand, it is imperative that every one of us tries to identify the best days for travel, for self and for family. This is possible and not very difficult to identify. In the panchangam calendar, there are certain rules of astrology, which are applied to identify dates and times suitable for certain activities.

A date and time suitable for travel may not be suitable for a surgery or a meeting. We have to understand that. This is because each of the planets and their Lords are responsible for certain activities. It is good for us to know that and decide the auspicious days for travel in consultation with our horoscopes.

There are no common auspicious days for travel; they may not be accurate enough. We will have to identify our own auspicious days for travel. ePanchang helps you identify your best dates for travel, by train, bus or air travel, for a happy and safe journey and back

Auspicious days for travel

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