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Auspicious days for engagement

The most auspicious days for engagement can be identified by the family astrologer, by comparing the birth charts of the boy and the girl. The commonalities in the jathagam is identified first. Next, the probable dates for the engagement ceremony are shortlisted. These shortlisted dates are further filtered based on the astrological guidelines and then one or two dates are finalised, which are convenient for both the bride and the groom's family. The engagement is the first major event before marriage. It is thus important that the dates are considered carefully, with two or more astrologers taken into confidence before homing in on the final date of engagement.

Even though matching is done comparing all 10 poruthams for marriage, the time of the engagement also has a very important role to play in a successful marriage. The panchangam is the one chart that helps us know the the auspicious days for engagement.

ePanchang helps you identify the auspicious dates for engagement for you and the bride to be. Your engagement dates in 2018, 2019 are clearly indicated in the report. With only the bride and groom's birth details as input for the software, the auspicious days for engagement are marked in green for prosperity.

Auspicious days for engagement

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