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Auspicious days for upanayanam

Upanayanam is the first most important event in the life of a brahmin boy. That the upanayanam is done on an auspicious day goes without saying. The birth chart of the boy is taken to the astrologer for consultation, who provides a few shortlisted dates for the function. This astrologer also mentions in his report, the good muhurtham for upanayanam, time for main rituals like the brahmopadesam that form part of the function.

Since the boy and the parents will be a part of the ceremony, the charts of the parents are also consulted to identify the auspicious days for upanayanam.

ePanchang, a result of many years' of research and development in identifying auspicious dates, can be your virtual astrologer online and help you save humongous amount of time by charting out your auspicious dates for upanayanam instantly. You can take this report to your astrologer and confirm, if you require. Get your most auspicious upanayanam dates from ePanchang now.

Auspicious days for upanayanam

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