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Auspicious time for surgery

Identifying auspicious time for surgery

It is in the interest of the surgeon and the patient that the surgery is completed successfully. So, it becomes imperative on the part of the surgeon to check his horoscope and consult his panchangam for identifying his auspicious time. Even though people tend to brush astrology and horoscope and panchangam aside, saying it is all superstitious practices in blind faith, it remains a fact that everyone agrees that a right thing done at the wrong time gives no result.

While auspicious time for surgery is identified for the surgeon, the patient's horoscope should also be consulted simultaneously and compared together, to find auspicious time for both the patient and the surgeon. This will result in a successful surgery, conducted on the auspicious dates for operation, at the right time for surgery, with a happy doctor and a happier patient.

Some people want to know the right time for surgery on torn meniscus, herniated disc, torn rotator cuff, incision and so on. A surgery is a surgery, however small or big it is and the Lord that governs this activity is Saturn. The auspicious time for surgery is generally agreed to be the saturn horai on a saturday, though the exact time may differ from person to person.

ePanchang provides a group panchangam feature, which can show the right date and auspicious dates for operation.

Auspicious time for surgery

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