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Vasiya Porutham

Vasiya Porutham
Vasiya Porutham

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Vasiya Porutham

Vasiya porutham meaning

Vasiya porutham indicates the quantum of mutual attraction between two horoscopes for marriage, based on the vasiya porutham chart. Vasiya porutham refers to the attraction of the hearts, resulting in a mental happiness and peace of mind within the relationship. Vasiyam in tamil means the act of attracting.

Vasiya porutham table

Each of the rasis have rasis that create mutual attraction amongst them.

Rasi Vasya Rasi
Mesha Simha, Vrichika
Vrishaba Kataka, Thula
Mithuna Kanni
Kataka Vrischika, Dhanu
Simha Thula
Kanni Mithuna, Meena
Thula Makara
Vrichika Kataka, Kanni
Dhanu Meena
Makara Mesha
Kumba Mesha
Meenam Makara

If the girl's rasi is vasyam to the rasi of the boy, the vasiya porutham for marriage is good.

Pariharam for vasiya porutham

The planetary attraction are the basis for vasiya porutham in astrology. It is said that the movement of the planets even affected the Gods. Pariharam or remedial action in this case, is probably cosmetic according to experts in the field.

This match is looked for the intimacy and a locking bond between the couples after marriage for their entire life. Couples with this match will understand each other very well and live a peaceful and loving life.Each and every Rasi has a specific match with other rasi as per this vasiya Match.

Vasiya Porutham which is one among the 10 porutham Tamil is provided by ePanchang along with Jathakam Matching Tamil and relevant Vasiya Porutham Astrology is taken into consideration

Vasiya Porutham

Vasiya Porutham