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Vedha Porutham

Vedha Porutham
Vedha Porutham

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Vedha Porutham

What is Vedha Porutham?

Vedha porutham is a nakshatra matching porutham. Here, of all the 27 nakshatras (stars), some nakshatras are not compatible with others. There is a table that provides you with the incompatible nakshatras. These given nakshatras (asterisms) are not in agreement with each other; on the other hand, they are opposed to each other. When these two nakshatras live together, the vedha porutham match is missing.

If the boy's and the girl's nakshatra fall in this table, the vedha porutham match is non existent as compared to other poruthams.

What is the meaning of vedha porutham?

In Tamil, vedha here means vedhanai. If vedha porutham is good, then it is said that the couple will enjoy life without worries and sorrow.

What is the process of vedha porutham checking?

Out of the 27 stars 12 stars are vedha to 12 others and the remaining 3 stars are mutually vedha to each other.

Given below is the list of stars that are vedha to each other.

Hastham vedha to Sadhayam
Swathi - Rohini
Visakam - Krithikai
Anusham - Bharani
Kettai - Aswini
Moolam - Aayilyam
Pooraadam - Poosam
Uthiraadam - Punarpoosam
Thiruvonam - Thiruvaadhirai, Tiruvadirai
Poorattaadhi - Uthiram
Uthirattaathi - Pooram
Revathi - Magham/Makham/Magam

Chithirai, Mrigasirsham and Avittam are mutually vedha to each other.

ePanchang checks if the birth stars of the boy and the girl are vedha to each other. If so, the report returns the value "Vedha porutham is not good".

When comparing horoscope, vedha porutham is one of the important aspects, which cannot be ignored. It is said that if this porutham is not good, there will be problems and arguments leading to a life full of misery. Hence, care should be taken to avoid such vedha stars. Even if all other poruthams are good and the vedha porutham is not matching, the marriage should not be proceeded upon.

If all other poruthams are matching and only vedha is not matching, it is adviced not to go ahead with the marriage, in the interest of the couple.

Vedha porutham remedy

The remedy for a mismatched vedha porutham is the non-performing of the marriage between the couples, since this involves the compatibility, well-being and the happiness of the couple. Knowing full well that the couple cannot find happiness, especially in a life-long partnership, it is better to look for a better matched horoscope for them, with a matching vedha porutham.

Free Vedha Porutham check offered by ePanchang as part of 10 Porutham Tamil

Vedha Porutham

Vedha Porutham