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Avani Avittam

Avani Avittam
Avani Avittam
Also called Gamha Purnima,Avani Avittam
Type Religious

Avani Avittam

(Yajur Upakarma)

On the day of the Avani Avittam, brahmin menfolk change the sacred cord [Poonal] worn on their shoulders. According to tradition, those born as brahmin should have had the upanayanam ceremony by the time he is eight years old. In case of exceptional children, the upanayanam ceremony may be conducted even at the age of five. When the upanayanam is done after attaining the age of 16, it is only for name sake. The wearing of the sacred thread [poonal] is in two parts, one the rituals and discipline that go along with the daily rituals to elevate oneself to the higher selves.

Those following Yajur veda will perform Avani Avittam or Upakarma on Thiruvonam [Shravana] month Thiruvonam nakshatra, if the day is without dosham.

Similarly, for Sama veda, it is Avani Hastham. But, since Rg veda is predominant veda, it is generally called Avani Avittam.

Sometimes, the Avani month will have two amavasai days. When this happens, the Avani Avittam function is conducted on the Adi month itself, on the Pournami day.

On the day of the Avani Avittam, the menfolk change their sacred cord [Poonal] worn on their shoulders. But, it is not just that, they should also start chanting the vedas along with it, like Kamorkarshith japam. On the next day of the poonal function, Gayatri japam is an important activity.

It is mandatory after upanayanam that one performs sandhyavandhanam and gayathri japam every day followed by veda parayanam. On the day of Gayathri japam, one has to repleat the Gayathri mantra a thousand times. The importance of the Gayathri mantra may be summed in on.e fact that it came from the vedas.

Those wearing the sacred thread [Poonal], should perform their duty to chant the Gayathri mantra at least 144 times in the morning, noon and evening. The power of the Gayathri is that you lose sorrow and fear of the enemy [unknown]. A glow in the face and body will happen automatically.

After offering oblations to devas, the rishis and the ancestors, offerings of vetrilai, paakku, pazham and dakshina is given to the elderly and people in the position of guru.

When properly performed, the avani avittam vratham will protect them from sorrow and disturbances from enemies.

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Tithi : Navami -21.06.2018,03:52 to 22.06.2018,03:19, Followed,By, Dashmi
Nakshatra : Hastham -21.06.2018,01:20 to 22.06.2018,01:27, Followed,By, Chithirai

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Avani Avittam

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