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Abhijit Muhurtham

The extent of success in any work is solely dependent on the time at which it was started. This means that any work that is begun at the right moment becomes a success. The muhurtham attains significance in this aspect.

A subha muhurtham is a slice in time, which is sacred and powerful in bringing about success in any activity.

What is Abhijit muhurtam?

Abhijit as the name suggests has no foe, as it means who has won over all, who cannot be conquered. Abhijit muhurtham is determined on the basis of the Sun's position. It is ideal for all events other than marriage and upanayanam. The Abhijit muhurtham falls on everyday, with the exception of Thursday, when it falls during Rahu kalam and hence is not considered.

The Abhijit muhurat becomes even more potent during the Sukhla paksham or the waxing phase of the moon. The duration of the muhurtham is 48 minutes or two naazhikai. Twenty four minutes this side and twenty four minutes on the other side of the solar noon.

It is believed that, the Abhijit muhurtham has the special blessings of Lord Maha Vishnu.

Anyone can easily calculate the Abhijit muhurtham and use it to perform their important activities on this Muhurtham.

Abhijit muhurtham

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