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Daily choghadiya - Simple way to know the auspiciousness of a day

The Hindu religion is quite traditional and orthodox and firmly believes in astrological concepts. The astrology play a significant role in the life of every Hindu family and it is this importance that makes believe in astrological science that is related with knowing the auspiciousness of a certain time and date for any auspicious event. There have been various methods from time to time that have been in application to know the auspiciousness of certain days for any particular auspicious event.

Hindu people not only like to know the auspiciousness of dates but also firmly believe in knowing the auspicious time during the day to settle any auspicious task or work. Common example includes the auspicious time for marriage ceremony, land worship and engagement. For this purpose of knowing auspiciousness of time during the day daily choghadiya is the best practice. It is a time unit in Hindu panchang and serves as the basis for knowing the suitability of time during the day to start any work for its successful completion.

The method used by the choghadiya system

The panchang of the choghadiya is a type of Vedic calendar for Hindus and helps in evaluating the correct dina, tithi, yog, nakshatra and Karana on daily basis. The astrological calendar works differently according to the given city and the base for calculating the suitability of any time during the day is based on the sunset and sun rise in that city. Each day is divided into two time periods that is day time and night time. Both time periods have eight types of daily choghadiya and on the basis of sunset and sunrise the auspiciousness for any particular time is evaluated.

Different types of choghadiya

There are total eight daily choghadiya that are used by the Vedic calendar and are used to inform about the suitability and unsuitability for any particular event. Let’s look in detail about all seven types – The eight choghadiya are basically divided into two main categories that is the auspicious and inauspicious and represents these two events mainly

Auspicious choghadiya - This kind of daily choghadiya represents the suitability of time for any specific event and is present in daytime as well as night time. The choghadiya for auspicious purpose are amrut, labh, subh and chal. All these choghadiya should be preferred before starting any new work. Any work started at the time of auspicious choghadiya results in best outcomes and reaps reward.

Inauspicious choghadiya – With positives comes negatives and you cannot avoid negatives completely. Unsuitable daily choghadiya are one’s that are cursed with bad omen and may prove harmful for starting any work. The examples of such choghadiya are rog, kaal and udveg. All these choghadiya are unsuitable and they are not formed according to the correct combination and permutation. These choghadiya should be avoided for doing any work because they can seriously result in bad result and may not prove beneficial at all. It is all about astrology and one who believes in astrology should believe in choghadiya.

Daily Choghadia

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