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What is Gulika kalam?

Gulika kalam is a muhurtham time of the day similar to rahu kalam and yamagandam.

Like today Gulika kalam is not allotted a day of the week but rules over about 1.5 hours of every day. It is believed that during this time any bad or inauspicious activities should not be performed. Like for example, death rites should be avoided during this time.

Gulika kalam meaning is that it is the muhurtham of Gulikan, who is the son of Saturn or Lord Sani. So, this is the time ruled over by Saturn. Hence auspicious activities may be avoided. Further, it is said that any activity that is done on Gulika kalam repeats itself. Hence, the reasoning to avoid death related rites.

Because of the nature of the act getting repeated, some say that good and auspicious activities may be conducted. But, it is a choice of personal preference.

Gulika kalam today

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