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Yamagandam Timings Today

It is generally believed that performing bad activities during the Yamagandam timings, will bring bad to the doer.

Yamagandam is the period of the day when Kethu rules for one and half hours during various times of the day through the week. The ruling time period of Kethu or Yamagandam timings changes every day, based on the week day. The Yamagandam time is also dependent on the time of sunrise and sunset.

Any undesirable activity should be avoided during Yamagandam. Any bad action that is done on Kethu kalam or Yamagandam time will bring bad results to the doer.

This rule affects all beings.

You might have noticed that all planets other than Rahu and Kethu rule on the allotted one day of the week. Only Rahu and Ketu do not have a day for themselves. Instead, they rule every day, but for one and half hours everyday. Yamagandam timings occur today and everyday, between sunrise and sunset and change based on the Sunrise and Sunset time.

Yamagandam time changes for every day. So Sunday Yamagandam Time is different from Monday Yamagandam time. Similarly, Wednesday Yamagandam time is different from Thursday yamaandam time. The time starts like 6-730am

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General Yamagandam timings of the day

Sunday 1200 - 1330
Monday 1030 - 1200
Tuesday 0900 - 1030
Wednesday 0730 - 0900
Thursday 0600 - 0730
Friday 1500 - 1630
Saturday 1330 - 1500

Yamagandam Timings Today

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